Breaking free from the victim mentality

You CAN escape the victim mentality to live your most empowered life imaginable! The victim mentality is a common psychological state in which people perceive themselves as victims of life’s circumstances. It is a mindset characterized by the belief that other people are the cause of their difficulties or that circumstances primarily beyond their control […]

Self-compassion can change your life

Learning Self-compassion can help us deal with our self-criticism and boost self esteem

Do you feel stuck in your circumstances and unhappy with your life? Do you often find that you are overly critical of yourself? You might be surprised to learn that sometimes what you need most of all is self-compassion. Key points Some people struggle more than others with being overly self-critical. Feeling unfulfilled is often […]

Feeling stuck after college?

Get unstuck after college

Insights and Strategies: Navigating Post-Graduation Stagnation The transition from college to the real world can be an exciting yet challenging time for many graduates. While graduation signifies a significant accomplishment, it is not uncommon for college students to experience a period of stagnation after receiving their diplomas. This phase of uncertainty and feeling “stuck” can […]