Stress can be a healthy emotion but when a person feels high levels of anxiety, it is disruptive. Therapy can help you learn to think and feel differently. 


Is depression interfering with your routine, relationships, or work habits? Therapy for depression can help enhance your well-being.


Have you lost a loved one and need support coping? Therapy works to create a support system to help you no matter when you lost your loved one. 

Rosie Buzatu, LMHC

Licensed Therapist

Rosie Buzatu is the founder of All Ways Hope and treats anxiety, depression, grief, and more.

Listening, Acting, and Transforming

I am the founder and owner of All Ways Hope Counseling Center, a mental health counseling practice providing in-person and online counseling for adults in Florida. I have been helping clients for 25 years and look forward to meeting you.

The care you deserve!

I care about your mental, emotional and behavioral health. When working with me, you will receive well-researched best practice interventions and techniques that are proven to drive and enhance positive change for individuals, couples, families, and communities. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, or another mental health concern, I am here to help you live and thrive. In addition to providing tailored support geared towards your needs, your goals, and your situation, we will help you find or build your “village,” of support for your continued growth long term.

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Find out more about Rosie’s work

In this insightful interview with WBRP, Rosie Buzatu discusses key points that shed light on the importance of mental health and therapy in today’s world.

Rosie emphasizes the significance of seeking professional help to navigate through life’s challenges and stresses. She delves into the therapeutic process, highlighting the power of self-reflection, building coping mechanisms, and finding resilience. Through this interview, viewers are invited to explore the transformative potential of therapy as a means to enhance well-being and achieve personal growth.

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